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Re: Nationals vs Cardinals, Game 3
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I've changed my mind.  Pulling Storen at that point would have been overmanaging.  Managing for a season, you need to see if Storen can handle the up and down around an inning. I  don't care what Mattheus and Stammen have done, they aren't coming of surgery at the start of the season; it is still a step up in Storen's work load, but you have to see if he can handle it.  Managing for a game, even with the longer bullpen, you do not want to get to needing Gorzo and Gonzo for the 10th and 11th, which you would if you had to burn Mattheus, Burnett, Storen, and Clippard over the 8th and 9th.

See, well reasoned arguments in a game thread sometimes can change minds.

In the two weeks leading up to yesterday's game, there was no difference in production between Storen and Clippard. To say that Clippard is better is to fall into the "best pitcher gets the saves " trap that you are trying to avoid.