Author Topic: Nats in the 2012 Arizona Fall League  (Read 9843 times)

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Re: Nats in the 2012 Arizona Fall League
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Seeing questions about whether the power will develop. The fact that he's only been meh in the AFL so far. I don't know. I'm getting bad vibes. He doesn't need to hit for a ton of power to be what we want, but he needs to hit for some.

I need something next season to restore the faith.

Well, let's give him an opportunity to develop.  Let him get healthy and on the field for a full season (or two) and see where he is.  It's so incredibly early to consider thinking about possibly entertaining the possibility of asking the question about whether or not he's going to make it.  It doesn't happen as quickly as it did for some of the guys we've seen come through the system lately.  If that's going to be the expectation, it's going to lead to a lot of disappointment and we find enough of that in this game.