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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
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but the braves are not playing well either, we could've really gone up on them.  just making it hard on ourselves.

they say they aren't pressing, but you can see it ... the nats are pressing.
Eh, every team goes through slumps.  The Nats have been pretty lucky (or good) to avoid a prolonged one so far.  Nights like tonight are going to happen, and personally I try not to let games like this affect me very much.  Yeah, it's frustrating that Espinosa could have gotten a DP on that and kept the game 3-0, but he does get it almost every time.  It's annoying that none of our pitchers know how to hold runners and none of our catchers can throw them out, but it's not a total killer except in concatenation with other unlucky things.  Those things tend to even out--Nats have won on poor play by the opposition plenty of times.  The stuff that doesn't even out is talent and the Nats have loads of that.  So I'm not really concerned.