Author Topic: Send Bryce Down Until He Grows Up  (Read 9005 times)

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Re: Send Bryce Down Until He Grows Up
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A cleverly crafted before-and-after comparison of our offense would probably prove that Bryce Harper saved the Nats :stir:

Bryce Harper is a key cog in the wheel. But he didn't save the Nats. This season is just such a team effort. Without even looking at the rotation or bullpen.

The best hitter on the team is Ryan Zimmerman. It was important that he got going and he did.
Getting Morse back gave us a boost.
Any time Desmond wasn't playing the offense noticeably suffered.
Getting Werth back was a great boost too.
LaRoche quietly keeps things going when other guys are out.
Bryce Harper is a great sparkplug and a solid guy to have at the plate, on the basepaths, and in the field. He's spent more time this year being good than being bad.
Adding Suzuki was a smart move that is paying off it seems.
Lombo, The Shark, Espinosa, Tyler Moore... those guys are solid role players.

Championship caliber lineup and Harper at 19 is a key part of it.