Author Topic: Send Bryce Down Until He Grows Up  (Read 9152 times)

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Re: Send Bryce Down Until He Grows Up
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I was just being a wise-ass. I know mainline Mormonism doesn't preach polygamy anymore (except, I believe, in the afterlife).

Actually, the LDS church doesn't preach or practice a doctrine of polygamy in the afterlife. 

As far as Bryce is concerned, he is quoted in the Nationals Journal section of the Post online as recognizing that he needs to grow up a bit:

Harper is fully aware of his behavior. Though he thought there was one out and was grounding into an inning-ending double play, Harper knows he tossed his helmet down and that caused the ejection. And he knows he can’t continue reacting so forcefully when the result doesn’t go his way.

“I just need to stop getting [angry] and just live with it and there’s nothing you can change,” he said. “I just need to grow up in that mentality a little bit. Try not to bash stuff in and things like that I’ve always done my whole life and those need to change.”