Author Topic: Send Bryce Down Until He Grows Up  (Read 7567 times)

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Re: Send Bryce Down Until He Grows Up
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Maybe start Moore and Bernadina most of the time; let Harper look and learn. Because

- There isn't enough of a Syracuse season to send Harper down
- Corey Brown looks like a fundamentally weird hitter. I don't like the way he wiggles the battle and shifts his feet as the pitcher throws. (My ideal is the way Lombo and Moore hit. I was taught to flatten my elbow the way Lombo he get's my unscientific approval). If somebody can explain what Brown is trying to do, I'll listen.
- Unless Desmond or Morse go on the DL, they need Harper at least on the bench for the next week.

Livo is signed with the Brewers. If not, I would hire Livo just to throw to Harper every day. All the soft breaking stuff, the off-balance unexpected spots, the tailing away stuff that baffles Harper.