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Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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On the twenty-third of the fifth month of the year nineteen hundred and eighty-six, an impeccable star was created. A man in the world, a superhuman upon the baseball diamond. This man will duel his antagonists residing in Philadelphia, hereby referred to as the "Phillies", adorning the number twenty-seven for the Washington Nationals, of whom it has been stated numerous times that we message board warriors of the Washington Nationals Fan Forum are quote endquote "Nuts." about aforementioned team.

Today is the day that we rise up! Onward in our quest for Internet greatness!

Jordan Zimmermann, 9-7, 2.54 ERA

The Noble Nationals 77-49                                                                          The Ruffians of Philadelphia 60-67
SS Knightly Danny Espinosa                                                                                   Jimmothy Rollins
CF Prince Bryce Harper                                                                                           Juwan Pierre
3B King Ryan Zimmerman                                                                                       Mosquito Utley
RF Ex-Ruffian Jayson Werth                                                                                    Temp
1B Noble Defender Adam LaRoche                                                                          John Mulberry III
LF Royal Guardsman Tyler Moore                                                                            The Ex-Nobleman
C Serf Jesus Flores                                                                                                  Minor league guy
2B Joker Steve Lombardozzi                                                                                   Other minor league guy
P Jordan Zimmermann                                                                                             Clifford Lee