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Twitter client help
« Topic Start: August 25, 2012, 11:20:28 PM »
I had been using Seesmic Desktop v8 as my desktop twitter client on my mac.  It's basically tweetdeck, but with much better colors (I can't stand white text on a black background).  I'm a pretty heavy twitter user at work to follow various discussions, so I really want a multi-column app that allows me to have different columns for different search terms.  I also eed one that supports multiple accounts.  Unfortunately, Seesmic has pulled the plug on its desktop app and now is only delivering a mobile client, and the latest release of Adobe Air broke the version that i've been using.

Tonight I tried:
- tweetdeck - absolute horrible color scheme and no ability to customize colors anymore
- YourForkuru - ok, but doesn't support multiple columns
- janetter - crashes repeatedly after a few minutes of use

Does anyone have any other clients they could recommend?