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Re: Red Sox fire sale
« Reply #25: August 25, 2012, 01:06:54 PM »
Adrian Gonzalez is in the tier of 1Bs right after Pujols and Votto.  Depending on your taste in defense, power, average and OBP, the next tier has Fielder, Texeira, and Gonzalez in some order.  Gonzalez's power was down from the ASB last  year to the ASB this year, but only Pujols and Ike Davis have more homers among MLB 1st basemen since the 2012 ASB.

As for Crawford, normal recovery and he'll be ready for spring training.  Getting out of Fenway is the best thing for his career.  He is a dead pull hitter who uses make up speed, not reads, for his outstanding defense.  Those two skills are wasted in Fenway. histrorically, he had a relatively bad record in Fenway for the Rays, and the Sox were infatuated idiots to think it would be otherwise. Epstein always had a mancrush on him, like he had on Julio Lugo. It was a desperate signing which they felt compelled to do after Werth signed here.  Going forward, athletic enough to anticipate a bounce back next year.  The contract has some dead money at the end of it, but I'm pretty sure he'll be good for them for a few years. 

Beckett is learning to pitch with less MPH on his 4 seem and without the great curve that made him a top tier pitcher.  This article says he's really a 2 / $15MM pitcher now.  the sox are covering 50 - 60% of his overpay by sending $12MM along with him.  If you count taking back Loney, it is slightly more that the Sox are assuming.  If Beckett's just an attitude problem and now motivated, then he's an extra asset.  More likely, he should be an upgrade over most 5th starters.