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Re: Red Sox fire sale
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This is partly a shock and awe trade but I don't think it is as bad as many are putting it.  Dodgers get a legit First baseman that they desperately need.  Crawford will come back from TJ surgery and he is still young enough to play partly back to a level he did in Tampa.  Beckett always has up and down years.  This is a down year and yes he is a clubhouse problem, but Donnie Baseball is a no frills guy and even though Hanley is a crapskeet (new word) he has played well since moving to LA.  Punto is bench assurance for a team with a bad bench honestly.

Victorino walks in FA anyway so there is no logjam in the outfield.  To me the Sox get some good pieces in pitching, but aren't giving up much as far as position players plus they get TONS of salary relief that can now be applied to David Ortiz and fixing the rotation.