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Re: Nationals Games & Metro
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Easy to say Freak Lerners and Metro, but I dont have a choice.

I live in Manassas and work at 10th and Penn.  No parking available in my building and a dislike of fighting traffic in DC.  I take metro into work every day!  The park is only 3 stops from where I work.  It would be really dumb to take the train all the way back to Vienna and try to fight traffic to find parking back to DC. 

Public transportation allways takes more time because of all the stops along the way.  No sh_t Sherlock!  However, crowds or no (and Ive found a way to avoid crowded cars); they get me where I need to go!

Either all communities need to pitch in or the Lerners have to open their tight purse like Leonsis did fir that 3 overtime game I went to last year!