Author Topic: GIF request - the incredulous nba fan shaking his head  (Read 1509 times)

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i've seen it on the boards here, i've seen it on numerous websites, but i have no idea what to search for. it's a white guy at an nba game by himself shaking his head incredulously and gesturing at whatever bullcrap is going on in the game.

any help will be duly rewarded with a compliment.

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Are you sure it's not the Jacksonville Jaguars fan?

That sounds a lot like what you're talking about.

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oh! yeah that's it. thanks so much. got it.

mods please delete, ban, and exorcise

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Linty, if people think you're so sexy, you're just so fresh and clean (so fresh, and so clean, clean.)

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I'm still trying to figure what the guy behind him is doing in the dark shirt.    Are they watching something on the big screen that shows this motion on the field?    Is the air dry in Jacksonville?    Are they wipin' coke donuts?    Do they have boogeritis?   Waz up wit dat?

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If i recall, it was the third fumble of the game by gabbert and they were looking at the replay.

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Still a shop - Jaguars have no fans

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I can't find a wide angle one of the crazy looking cricket fan.

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i've watched it about 300 times today. still giggling.