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Re: Nationals vs Braves, Game 3
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We were five games up before this series.  The scenarios were that we could end this series two games up (if we got swept), four games up, six games up, or eight games up (if we swept).  I'll take a six-game lead.

The Braves are off to play the Giants starting tomorrow, so no off day for them on their cross-country trip.  The Giants have been playing pretty well lately and are in the playoff hunt themselves, so hopefully they can take at least 2 of 4 from the Braves.

Ugly game for us tonight.  Offense just wasn't there in clutch situations and our defense let us down late.  We get to stew over this loss on a day off tomorrow and then hopefully right the ship up in Philly this weekend.

Several guys struggling right now.  Even Harper's hit was just a grounder to short.  Morse finally got a hit.  Espinosa has looked not great.  Suzuki still bad.  I'm glad we have a day off tomorrow. 

Braves are a good team.  Their hitters look better than ours right now - especially when they sit the guys they have that are slumping like Uggla and McCann.