Author Topic: Lets play a game... Where will Manny Acta end up?  (Read 963 times)

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Darling and Cohen said they'd heard that Riggleman was in line to manage Houston. Ron Darling: "Riggleman is a very good manager, but he left the Nats in inappropriate manner. I really never thought he'd manage in the majors again."

Acta goes to Houston as bench coach for Riggleman. Randy St Clair leaves Miami to become Astros pitching coach, as Miami drops the contract of every employee who is not signed for next year. Marlins "Owner" says he will move the team to Savanah, GA, unless Dade County agrees to absorb part of the cost to upgrade the image of the Marlins: uniform and ballpark make-over, hire former Yankee and Dodger players to appear in photos and newly re-written history of the Florida Marlins. Don Mattingly and Kirk Gibson hired to tell stories of how they led the Marlins to their first-ever World Series championship in 1987.  Acta then hired to replace Ozzie Guillen as manager of the re-named Miami Florida Marlins