Author Topic: Happy 46th Birthday to the Great Late Dimebag Darrell  (Read 626 times)

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Is Dimebag his given name?

No.  His full name was Darrell Lance Abbott.  His brother is Vinnie Paul Abbott (yes the same drummer Vinnie Paul).

He was in Pantera, but after they disbanded, he joined forces with Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown (Pantera's bassist), and country artist David Allan Coe to form Rebel Meets Rebel.  They released one cd, and then formed a new band (without DAC and Rex) called Damageplan.  During the first song, "Wake Up," an a-hole named Nathan Gale jumped up on stage and yelled "you broke up Pantera" and shot him 6 times.   He then took a few others before he was taken down.

He also played on a few other songs (Nickelback's cover of "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)";  Anthrax's "Riding Shotgun," "King Size," "Born Again Idiot," "Inside Out," "Strap It On," and "Cadillac Rock Box"