Author Topic: *MIKE RIZZO DOES*: Anyone else secretly hope Jacoby Ellsbury becomes a Nat?  (Read 3710 times)

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That won't get Ellsbury here.
If there is no ALR, then the switch is more likely going to be a lefty corner outfielder with some pop, and Harper can play CF one more season.

I don't see us going after Bourn.
The lefty corner guy I am speaking of will be a 1-2 year player that will be affordable enough to move to the bench in year 2 if there is a year 2.

With Zim's health meanign he may have to move to first, and the young core we have that is going to get expensive, this team is not looking for long term big money, and while Ellsbury does not have to be that, it will take more than a moderate prospect to get him here.