Author Topic: Your card is your ticket to the game  (Read 17359 times)

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Re: Your card is your ticket to the game
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No, the challenge will be the Nationals ability to walk those customers through the process. Will they hire/train additional staff to handle the increase it calls that are sure to arise due to the new system. People can be computer literate and internet savvy and still not be able to successfully use a new software program. The onus is on ownership not the patrons. 

Yes, they will need more staffing to walk people through it. That's why people who think it will save the Nats money because of less printing and mailing costs might be missing the big picture. (And thing about all the programmers that have to work on this.)

But I was talking about people who don't even have computers. Yes, they're still out there? How are they going to work with those people.