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Re: Your card is your ticket to the game
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Sounds pretty great, actually - you can distribute tickets electronically and not have to hassle with splitting them up, also it makes resale EASIER

Yep. You got it. The only real difference will be that you won't get the nice printed tickets. You will have to split up the tickets electronically. If you have someone in your group who doesn't know how to turn on a computer, you can can print the tickets and give those to them.

Clarification in that if, say, you have 4 tickets in your group, you will need to have 4 cards. Each ticket gets one card. You can't put multiple tickets on your card. You will have all your games loaded on your card and it's up to you to transfer them to your partners via the MyNationals account.

I actually look forward to not having to cut up the tickets manually and having to transfer them to my ticket partners. I will just shoot them and email and be done with it.

For those who want those nice printed tickets for souvenirs, I'm told the Nats are looking into souvenir ticket buying options.

The real advantage to the Nats is not the printing and and mailing costs, which are minimal in the total scheme of things given how much money this stuff will cost to set up, I bet. It's that they will be able to track your usage, purchases, patterns, etc.