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Re: Your card is your ticket to the game
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Totally random thought: it would be really cool to have like a team "credit card" that looks like a credit card and swipes like a credit card, and comes loaded with data on which games you have tickets to. They'd mail you the card with your ticket package preloaded, and you could also load money onto the card to spend anywhere in the stadium.

I'm pretty sure that's probably how it's going to work. I know the new ticket scanners have RFID readers in them so getting in and out will be simple. Easy to load rewards/make rewards for purchasing stuff at the team store or concessions. But the usher checking tickets issue is what's going to be interesting. Only thing I can think of is an usher helping people use a form of the ticket scanners they have beside the entrances to the PNC Diamond Club.

EDIT: Probably the biggest pain to me is not getting a big box to drool over at the start of the season.