Author Topic: Red Sox have a unique tribute planned for the late Johnny Pesky  (Read 301 times)

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i wonder what the indians, marlins and even the orioles tributes to the late Pesky will be 8)

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Pesky was a Nat v. 1.0 at the tail end of his career (1954). 

he had a very high peak, but WWII robbed him his age 23 - 25 seasons.  finished 3 in the MVP vote his rookie year, then served 3 years, and finished 4th in his next season.  .394 career OBP in an era where batting average was what people looked at.

Oh, and the Orioles honored him Tuesday. 

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A cool idea!  Of course the Pesky pole will always keep him associated with the Red Sox.  Glad they could dedicate that while he was still alive!