Author Topic: Melky Cabreraroids (AKA Muscle Melky)  (Read 4372 times)

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Re: Melky Cabreraroids (AKA Muscle Melky)
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Squaring the ball up more does not lead to becoming an Ichiro-type who can sustain a .350 BABIP.

Also, can you explain how a 2.5 WAR CF like a .275-hitting Melky is a nice addition to the team? Because he'd essentially be replacing a 2.5 WAR 1B in LaRoche, so I don't see how it helps. Plus, you're putting Morse at 1B, where unlike LF his bad defense actually affects those around him as well.

Which should be fine, since we have a left side of the infield whose defensive prowess is predicated on throw accuracy...