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Re: Nationals @ Diamondbacks, Game 2
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I hate the 'batter advance on third strike' rule.   It makes no sense but, anyway, does anyone know:

1.  Is it on a swung strike only?   Or can batter run to first on a called strike too (if the ball isn't caught of course).

2. Isn't there some rule about the base has to be empty?    If true, then it didn't matter that Flores blocked the ball.  Why did he have to throw to first?

3. If there is a force, and the catcher drops the third strike, can he throw to 3B for the force instead of to first?


1. Yes you could run as long as the ball is not caught cleanly.

2. If the base is occupied, the runner is out unless the runner at 1B takes off for second. With bases loaded, and two outs, the catcher just has to step on second to get the out.

3. If he wanted to.