Author Topic: Should Harper be platooned?  (Read 5268 times)

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Re: Should Harper be platooned?
« Reply #25: August 11, 2012, 03:39:19 PM »
I am just reminded of Detwiler and how he has matured mentally, even over his last few starts. Once he got out of his head he pitches fantastically. He is learning not to let hits and homers keep him from pitching the rest of these games well.

Harper needs to do the same, just like many people have said. He needs to get out of his head and just hit. He cannot compare himself to anyone else or even his past self. At 16 he was hitting above .600 (mindfact). The majors are based around player failure. Harper has to deal with his failure and move on, just like every one of his teammates.

He also might not want to look at the scoreboard. Morse stopped doing that as it messed him up mentally (which is why he did not know about his hitting streak).