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Re: Playoff Seeding Question
« Topic Start: August 10, 2012, 09:54:29 AM »
I know I know we're a far ways off so I'm not going to use the Nationals as an example for my question. I'll use the AL and give the following standings for an example of my question.

1. Texas Rangers 108-74 (West Winner)
2. New York Yankees 104-78 (East Winner)
3. Detroit Tigers 98-84 (Central Winner)

4. Oakland Athletics 95-87 (West WC)
5/6. Baltimore Orioles 93-89 (East WC)
5/6. Los Angeles Angels 93-89 (West WC)

Thank gawd we're in the NL and only have to play 162 game schedules.  Those 182 game schedules in the AL are brutal.