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Re: Nationals @ Astros, Game 4
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No offense to young folks, especially not those here, but I think the plethora of technology entertainment options and endless programming choices support short attention spans.


Yeah, I agree, to the point that I was ready to type out a coladar-esque post about younger people, but this isn't really the place for that.

It's all about TV and if you had to invent a sport for TV, it would be football. There's even a 30 second break between plays so you can replay.

Basketball is better on TV unless you can get very close seats. And who can afford those.

Baseball on the other hand is better in person, IMO.

And so is hockey.

This is true.  Baseball and hockey in person gives you a much better idea of all that's going on in the game.

But I do love watching on TV these days when you can see stuff like pitchtrax. :mg: