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Re: My Apologies...
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I thought it was Ken Rosenthal?

I remember wanting Antonetti as GM of the Nats back when Bowden went packing.  In retrospect, I'm glad it didn't happen.  Baseball writers kept praising Antonetti for his role in building up the Indians by being instrumental in the talent evaluation that led to their resurgence in '05-'07.  It appears as if that assessment was a bit off.  The Indians have become a real collection of misfit toys.  Guys like Jack Hanahan and Casey Kotchman should not be your primary corner infielders.  They were cast aside by the Mariners and A's, FFS.

You're probably not going to get a John Hart, but you have to be able to do better than Antonetti.  As for Dolan, I feel for you, but you're screwed seeing as how ownership in sports only changes hands once in a blue moon.  Maybe hope for a McCourt-style divorce?  :mg:

From what I've heard - there are rumors - the Indians are looking to sell (why they dumped Lowe, Damon, Lopez, Accardo...).   Lopez is a good infielder, and wouldn't mind seeing him back on the Nats, but either way...

I really hope a sale is in the future.  I miss Richard Jacobs, God rest his soul.  That guy cared.

Rizzo has always been great.  He's always been underrated.  He gets little to no credit, until recently for what he's done.  He's starting to get his due.