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My Apologies...
« Topic Start: August 09, 2012, 11:20:11 AM »
When I first came on this board, I had every intention of discussing the Nats, who I am a fan of as well, and having a good baseball discussion.  Recently though, I will admit I went a bit over-board with some flaming on here...instead of discussing baseball, some of my posts went back and forth with other users that I got in disagreements.

After talking to a few other posters on here, and a few specifically (i'll keep the names off), we had a good discussion on the board as a whole.  I don't usually like to ignore people (I like to see all people's views), however, I agree that instead of getting in a flaming war between users and taking the topic off...well...topic, I'll just ignore the posters that I clash with and get back to the point at hand.

I also think the way I share my opinions could be, well, delivered better.  Instead of jumping out at people, i'll try and phrase it better.

I'm not asking for forgiveness, because I don't make people do things they don't have to if they don't desire to - however, I do want to get back and talk Nationals (and Tribe baseball).

Sound good?

- Tribe Time