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Re: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats
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It is quite possible that Snotlata will catch up and possibly pass us in the standings. I honestly hope that does not happen, but realize it is a possibility.

As of right now the Nats are a bit better overall than the Braves we are 4 games ahead, both are 7 of the last 10 with the Nats on a 5 game win streak (Atlanta just 1 right now), Atlanta off of a 7 game win streak in late July. Atlanta seems to be on a win 2 then lose 1 streak pattern right now. Both teams are about the same in home wins but we are better on the road. The Nats also are still the best in division with wins. The worst losing streak the Nats have had this year was 4 games (when the Dodgers swept us), with a few 3 game losing streaks. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. And we have been swept on only what 3 times? Only one of those from a division rival. last half of our tough August is mostly division games.