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Re: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats
« Reply #300: September 04, 2012, 04:34:20 PM »
It's interesting how the timing of a bad month can color your perception of a player or a team.  for example, the team started with only LaRoche hitting well for power, with Desmond and Werth getting hits but not great power.  Some believed this would be a historically bad offense.  After injuries, both Zimmerman and Morse started slowly, confirming the view that this was an underwhelming offense even when Desmond started to show power and others recovered from April.  As it turns out, the offense now looks pretty good.  When folks said the talent when healthy was there for at least an average offense, there was skepticism.  OTOH, had Jordan Zimmermann had a stretch like he had in August in April, my guess is people would be less optimistic about his overall season.