Author Topic: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats [but who gives gives a rat's ...]  (Read 11854 times)

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Re: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats
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Well, the National League anyway. To say they are terrible at fielding is an overstatement. They're also second in UZR and third in DRS . This is not a bad defensive team. Uggla isn't any worse than Desmond has been, defensively anyway.

Uggla is not a good secondbaseman. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved him to third next year. But everyone else in that infield is pretty sure handed. The outfield is outstanding. Uggla just had a brain fart :lol:

LOL at Desmond being as bad as Uggla, holy crap

There's no chance this post is serious