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Re: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats
« Reply #225: August 21, 2012, 09:52:59 AM »
Come on, get serious. You can't possibly watch that God Awful dreck and think they're a quality defensive infield. Just the fact that they didn't score Uggla's impossibly bone headed play an error tells you everything you need to know.

Well, the National League anyway. To say they are terrible at fielding is an overstatement. They're also second in UZR and third in DRS . This is not a bad defensive team. Uggla isn't any worse than Desmond has been, defensively anyway.

Uggla is not a good secondbaseman. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved him to third next year. But everyone else in that infield is pretty sure handed. The outfield is outstanding. Uggla just had a brain fart :lol: