Author Topic: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats [but who gives gives a rat's ...]  (Read 9893 times)

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Re: Paul Swydan Believes Braves Will Catch Nats
« Reply #225: August 21, 2012, 08:28:27 AM »
Swydan had two tweets from tonight's game:

They were from 4 hours ago, presumably after Heyward's homer.  I guess he went to sleep right afterwards.  Can't wait to read his tweets in the morning.  :D

He should be taken to task for his isolating the Braves' outfield defense but neglecting to admit the deficiencies of the infield.  They were close to imploding all night, good thing Freeman is really really tall because he was needing every inch last night.  Throws all over the place.