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Norv and Marty Come Full Circle
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1.  Norv Turner became head coach of the NFL Washington Redskins in 1994, going 49-59-1 with one trip to the playoffs. He was fired by owner Dan Snyder with three games left in the 2000 season, despite having a 7-6 record and a chance at the playoffs.

2. Marty Schottenheimer becomes Redskins head coach, going 8-8 in 2001.

3. During 2001, Norv becomes offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers.  In their first game, rookie holdout Ladainian Tomlinson (obtained in a deal that sent VA Tech QB Michael Vick to the Atlanta Falcons) starts at RB days after joining the team.  In his first game, he rushes for 113 yards and 2 TDs, beating the Redskins 30-3.  Ah, sweet revenge!  Tomlinson goes on to gain 1603 total yards that season.

4. In 2002, Snyder replaces Schottenheimer with college coach Steve Spurrier, who he wanted in the first place.

5. In 2002 Schottenheimer becomes head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

6. Upon Schottenheimer's arrival, Norv Turner leaves the Chargers to become offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins.   RB Ricky Williams also joins the Chargers, after a disappointing tour with the New Orleans Saints, where Mike Ditka had given up ALL of their draft choices to obtain him.  Ricky gains 2216 total yards and 17 TDs for Norv. 

7.  Norv becomes head coach at Oakland in 2004, where QB Kerry Collins throws 42 TD passes over 2 years.  Lamont Jordan gains 1588 total yards in 2005.  With 9 wins in 2 years, Norv is canned.  He becomes offensive coordinator with the SF 49ers for his former Redskins defensive coordinator, Mike Nolan, who is head coach there.  RB Frank Gore accumulates 2180 total yards in his first full season starting for Norv.

8. We now come Full Circle:
Marty Schottenheimer is canned at San Diego after going 14-2 and losing another first-round playoff game.  Norv Turner replaces him....

Good luck, Norv!  What a team to inherit!