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Re: Depth Chart
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Suzuki is the #1 guy. Davey has said it. Rizzo has said it.

My feeling (only a feeling) is that Suzuki is an insurance policy in case Ramos is too badly injured to be ready in Spring training.

When I just looked at the depth chart on the Nationals website, I see Suziki slotted ahead of Flores.   And Suziki has played the last couple games.  I was under the assumption that Suziki would back Flores up.   Which do you think is the actual case?   And if Suziki comes in ahead of Flores, he certianly won't bump Ramos next year, will he?    I hope not.

One can't really trust the depth chart on the website.   It has Espinosa as the 2nd baseman and Lomardozzi as the SS.   And some other interesting placements.   

So just curious what you all think.