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Re: NCAA Football (2012-13 season)
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And now I m done with you. freak you for taking quotes from uncensored out of context for a cheap laugh. I'm reporting you. First time ever.

:lmao:  Out of context? That's typical for your type. There's nothing out of context about it. You said you were done with PSU football and that the program AND school had been tainted. Your own words. And today you claim that PSU's game is the important college game of the day.  :lmao:

I wouldn't be surprised if Chief kowtows to your bullcrap sensitivities again but I don't give a crap if I get banned.

No.  I did. JCA.  No bans or warnings or anything like that.  OK to say PA was singing a different tune about PSU in Uncensored, but a direct quote is not good form.