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Re: NCAA Football (2012-13 season)
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I wanted to see Danny O'brien do well in Wisconsin, but we all know Randy Edsall was watching and felt a little bit of satisfaction that it wasn't just his fault that Danny blew chucks last year.

Kid shows flashes, but too many Terps fans (and myself at times) worshipped him when a lot of it was smoke and mirrors (i.e. Torrey Smith). Not to mention he was downright terrible last year and you can't pin his play all on coaches (especially when you consider CJ and now Perry have shown just as many flashes).

He'll be fine.  Once he gets settled in, he'll be just fine, but he hasn't been there very long and is still learning.  Couple more weeks and they'll be better.  Next year he should be a lot better.  But the Wisconsin fans who expected him to be Russell Wilson set the bar way too high.

That said, they gotta beat Oregon St.