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It's too early to make any bold decisions on Hills, but if he continues to improve this year, I can really dig a potential QB-RB-WR combo of Hills-Brown-Diggs for the next few years. It's nice to have highly-touted recruits actually step up and play well early on - seems like when we actually do get top recruits, they flounder and our stars come out of nowhere. Huge game next week vs. UCONN. For all the crap that Edsall has gotten the last year or so (both deservedly so and the criticism that isn't fair), it'll be big if he can get this team to win vs. his old school and start out 3-0. I don't think we can run with the best teams in the ACC by any means, but Edsall can make a big statement about this team with a win next Saturday.

Also, it's obvious that it makes a huge difference when you have players who, you know, actually want to play for the coach. Instead of the players of last year who pouted and cried and complained non-stop, we have players who actually want to play for Edsall. You can tell the entire attitude of the team is improved.

Finally, Joe Vellano is going to be a beast in the NFL somewhere. I wonder if he'll end up as a 3-4 DE or a 4-3 DT (maybe somewhere like NE where he can play both), but he has an unstoppable motor and is the best player on the team and was one of the best players in the nation last year. I also think Hartsfield will find his way on to a roster next spring, and I'm praying AJ does as well.

Agreed on all. Velano will get a starting job at some point some where. He's one of those players that just works his ass off until they have no choice but to play him. Besides, he's actually talented too.