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Re: NCAA Football (2012-13 season)
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I don't think kids are actually choosing schools based on uniforms. That'd be insane. Most of these recruits who are committing are committing because they want to turn the program into a premier national program (or so they say). Instead of going to somewhere like Penn State, WVU, or VT, and being another cog in the machine, they're coming here to be known as the guys who turned the program around.

The cool uniforms are just for attention but it definitely helps that recruits know they'll get tons of UA gear if they come here.

Not to mention the fact that Edsall, Lockesly and company have been recrutiting pretty hardcore. They've got some really nice classes coming in this season and next already. Not to say they are FSU, LSU or Bama good, but really UMD good. I think there's hope, maybe not a lot for this season, but for the future. Having a disciplinarian vs a lax "let em do what they want" coach is a good thing. Maybe we'll start graduating kids at a better rate and/or at least have fewer discipline issues.