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Re: Frank Blames It All On The Bullpen
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
Later Robinson threw up his hands over Ayala's last pitch.

"It was 3-0," he said of the count. "You think [Jones] is swinging 3-0? No. If he is, let him. To me it looked like he was trying to make a perfect pitch on the corner. It was 3-0. Where are you going 3-0?"

Frank Robinson is making excuses to help cover up his mis managing and overuse of his bullpen. The man knows nothing about handling pitchers and any manager who thinks 2 runs and 8 hits are enough to win ball games, had BETTER HAVE at least 4 Bob Gibsons in his rotation, because not even the best hitting teams in the majors this year would lose two thirds of their games. Frank Robinson should be standing among the unemployed