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Frank Blames It All On The Bullpen
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MLB.COM Article:


"We had enough runs on the board to win tonight. All we had to do was get three outs, and we didn't do it tonight. You have to win some of those games like that," said manager Frank Robinson.
Robinson even questioned what Ayala was trying to do on the 3-0 pitch.

"It wasn't a very good outing for Ayala," he said. "He hit a batter, and when you go 3-0, you don't have much of a chance, and then you throw a marginal pitch on 3-0. That's not very good.

"You throw the ball at the middle of the plate. Do you think Jones is swinging on 3-0? No. If he is, let him swing the bat. [Ayala] tried to make a perfect pitch -- outside corner."