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Frank Blames It All On The Bullpen
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Washington Post Article:


"The bullpen didn't do its job," Washington Manager Frank Robinson said.

Later Robinson threw up his hands over Ayala's last pitch.

"It was 3-0," he said of the count. "You think [Jones] is swinging 3-0? No. If he is, let him. To me it looked like he was trying to make a perfect pitch on the corner. It was 3-0. Where are you going 3-0?"

Then he slumped in his chair.
Sometime afterward, after most of the clubhouse had emptied of players, Robinson was asked if his offense had maybe once again failed the Nationals. The manager wiped his head with a towel and said no.

"We got eight hits," he said. "We had enough runs to win this game tonight. You've got to get three outs and we didn't get them."


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