Author Topic: Nats 2013 Projected Payroll, Needs, and Possible Solutions  (Read 3782 times)

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I would bet there will be another pitcher who kind of falls through the cracks like Jackson did last year.  The Nats will offer an attractive place to pitch on a winning team with several other good pitchers.

I like the idea of trading Morse plus something for Span.  It seems to me that Tyler Moore will offer most if not all of what Morse offers - good hitting but kind of a free swinger and weak fielding at LF and 1B.  I'm not sure the Twins would go for it unless we threw in something more in the way of prospects.  Maybe Rosenbaum or Sammy Solis.  We could throw in HRod since the Twins could offer a more low pressure environment where he could not worry about closing games on a winning team and HRod might actually do well.