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Drew Storen@DrewStoren Not a fan of waiting in line on the tarmac. Good thing Bo Porter hopped out and waved us around to the front #natitude

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Re: #Natitude
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i'm sure porter waved them to the do not enter line. 

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Re: #Natitude
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They probably got called out before getting on the plane.

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Re: #Natitude
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i'm sure porter waved them to the do not enter line. 


go go, it's fine

747 nearly clips the wing

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Re: #Natitude
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Vote for Roger Bernadina as Best Play.

Natitude!  Catch it!

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Re: #Natitude
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To repeat (just for emphasis), here is Natitude. Buddy Myer: "If Chapman goes hard into second, I'll step on his face".

(Began with a sucker punch thrown by Yankees catcher Bill Dickey at Nats CF  in front of Nats dugout; continued through one of the biggest brawls in ML history, which had to be stopped by the Metropolitan Police, continued when Navy Lieutenant Bill Dickey insisted that Nats pitcher, and enlisted man, Walter Masterson, call him "MISTER" Dickey, and didn't end until 1945 or '46 when Masterson hit Dickey in  the ass with a fastball the first time Dickey faced him.)