Author Topic: Playoff ticket distribution for season ticket groups?  (Read 3890 times)

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Anyone else having to gulp hard at paying 4 - 5 times your regular season seat price for world series games?  Man, I'd love it and would likely do it, but I usually treat my guest to games and that is a lot of cash.  Also, I'm the one whose credit card is being charged for my group. I wonder what this does to my credit rating to start flowing this much :money: through my balances.

Here's a trick I'm using to help with cash flow. I'm asking my partners to pay in full for the reg season plan. I'm then putting down the 12.5% min and going on the installment plan. I'm using the rest of the money to buy the strips. Whatever strip tickets end up not being used get applied back toward the plan.

I'm holding a draft lottery to distribute tickets. They pay me for whatever games they get.