Author Topic: Playoff ticket distribution for season ticket groups?  (Read 4436 times)

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First off, any amount you pay over your 2013 ticket price will be credited to your credit card (I got the exact same explanation from my ticket rep).

My season tickets are $17 and the playoff breakdown for them are as such:

$17 for the wild card game
$30 for the divisional round
$60 for the championship round
$105 for the World Series

Interesting.  Those prices look pretty identical to what I've been told are the prices for my two seats (normally $10 each).  $765 for the first possible nine games, and then $840 for two seats for the WS.  $10 up to $105.  Yikes.   

No one will be gettng WS tickets on Stubhub for less than several hundred dollars.  Expect it.  I bet even the cheapest earlier round tickets will run at least $200-300 on the secondary market.