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Rizzo's non-first round track record is horrendous.
I'm looking at this site,, which is fantastic for figuring out the make up of the roster, depth, and how players were acquired. 

Rizzo basically took control of baseball ops in March '09.  On the current 25 man roster, Michael Taylor was a 6th round pick drafted in '09, Koda Glover was an 8th rounder in '15, and Matt Grace was an 8th round pick in '10, and Solis on the DL was a 2d round  pick in '10.  Strasburg, Harper, Rendon and Goodwin were first round picks from '09 to '11 (we had multiple 1st round picks in '11).  Of the guys acquired by trade for drafted system products (I'll leave out Roark / Guzman), off the top of my head, the prospect price was Souza (Turner), Karns (Lobaton), Norris / Milone / Peac0ck (Gio), and ? (Romero), and Dunning / Giolito (Eaton) (Lopez was not a draftee) .  I'm not sure who of those prospects Rizzo is tied to.