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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 3
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Comparative dates on which the Nationals notched their 64th win, each season:

2012 - 4th August (107th match of season)
2005 - 18th August (121st match)
2011 - 3rd September (137th match)
2007 - 9th September (143rd match)
2006 - 16th September (148th match)
2010 - 22nd September (152nd match)
2008 - finished 59-102
2009 - finished 59-103


THIS DAY WITH THE '05 OVERACHIEVERS: Thursday 4th August 2005 at RFK saw the Nats post back-to-back wins for the first time since just before the Fourth of July, with a 7-0 complete-game shut-out of the Dodgers by John Patterson (ah, what might have been!) to win the series, their first series win since that pre-Fourth Cubs series at Wrigley...record now 58-50...


Good to see the lads pull that one out last night, but I think the pennant-race pressure is starting to get to them a bit....
I was at that game! I remember Brad Wilkerson hit the first grand slam in Nats history. Great night.