Author Topic: Can we step back from the ledge, please?  (Read 5781 times)

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Re: Can we step back from the ledge, please?
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They Braves have played 46 games against their remaining opponents and are 31-15.   I don't think the margin of error is what people are assuming and I don't think it's crazy to raise the red flag.
Yes, Braves have a very favorable schedule.

Marlins (6) (4-2)
Phillies (3) (2-1)
Mets (3) (2-1)
Pirates (3) (2-1)

The Marlins and Mets are terrible and are playing for nothing. The Phillies are sliding out of the WC race and will roll over for Atlanta like they always do. The Pirates have completely sunk in the second half just like they did last year and are a punching bag.

Assuming no sweeps though they are very possible that puts the Braves finishing 10-5 with 94 wins. Nats would have to go 7-9 to clinch the division outright in that case.