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Three point competition
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Here in Nebraska, the NBA is sort of an enigma.  I know a lot of people on here are fans of the Wizards, I'm not.  I'm watching all this all star festivities in Vegas and there's not a lot of sizzle to this thing.  I've heard a suggestion of there being a 1on1 competition.  That might be fun.  Dwayne Wade vs. Kobe, that would be fun.  Shaq vs. Tim Duncan.  Lebron vs. Carmello.  Ray Allen vs. Paul Pierce.  This could be fun.  But I think they need to put something on the line for the 3 pt competition.  How about they put the last four deserving guys from each conference left off the roster and have the winner of the competiton win a spot on the team.  That would add to the drama wouldn't it.