Author Topic: Ups and Downs with the Indians  (Read 3083 times)

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Re: Sigh... (Indians' Fan Lament)
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I'm glad I'm not a fan of the Skins and their overrated QB RG3 who will not be nearly as good as everyone thinks.

better the non-rated colt McCoy who may or may not still have his faculties intact? At least we have an owner (bad as he's been)

James Haslam is still one of 22 shareholders in the Steelers, yet yesterday he visited the Browns headquarters where he was introduced as the incoming owner. Technically, of course, league rules prohibit someone from owning stakes in two teams, and the NFL’s owners have yet to vote on his purchase. But it’s a sticky situation because the Rooney family, the controlling shareholders of the Steelers, do not have the cash to buy out Haslam and the league does not want him to be privy to information in rival teams.